Mirco Ag Equipment supply a range of Seeding and Transplanting equipment to suit your requirements. We import Agricola Italiana, Checchi & Magli brands from Italy for the professional grower.

We also can supply a range of seeders to suit the home gardner.

Agricola Italiana Seeders

Mirco Ag Equipment are the Australian Importer of Agricola Italiana Seeders. Peter Mirco introduced Agricola Italiana Seeders to Australia 35 years ago. We at Mirco Ag Equipment continue that tradition of supplying Australia with Agricola Italiana Seeders.

Contact Steven to discuss your seeding requirements 08 9434 6011 or steven@mircoagequipment.com.au

Checchi & Magli Transplanters

Mirco Ag Equipment are Importers of Checchi & Magli Transplanters.

Checchi & Magli’s core business consists of the transplanter machines for vegetable, tobacco and nursery seedlings for which the company is world leader. The range is completed with the potato cultivation and harvesting machines (potato planters, potato diggers and vibroridgers) from which the company originated, as well as plastic laying machines and bed making machines for cultivation on mulching film (strawberries, melons, watermelons etc…).