Some of our garden products on offer:

  • Earthway Fertilizer Spreaders
  • Earthway Garden Seeder
  • BLU-1 Garden Seeder
  • Goldacres Sprayers
  • Carpi Knapsack Sprayers

Seed and fertilizer spreaders for sale

You arrive home with the prefect fertilizer for your garden, only to discover it’s going to be hard work to spread the stuff over your large garden. You probably hadn’t thought it through, but no need to worry, we’ve got you covered. More importantly we’ve got your garden covered; fertilizer spreaders make distributing your fertilizer easy, applying a uniform amount throughout your garden. No mess, no fuss, and no sore back the next day. Contact us for more information or pop into our Perth based store.

Fertilizer spreaders for sale

We sell a range of different Fertilizer spreaders, depending on your requirements. Talk to our gardening specialists and tell them what your gardening needs are, and they will recommend the right spreader for your needs.

The benefits of using a fertilizer spreader

• Makes application easy and painless
• Uniform application over your garden
• Can be used for domestic and commercial applications
• Improves production yield
• Less labour intensive

Lawn fertiliser spreader

Ensure a lush green lawn with a handy lawn fertiliser spreader. Watch your grass grow and your garden flourish by correctly applying the right amount of fertilizer easily and quickly.

Lawn seed spreader

When you are planting lawn seeds, it can be back breaking work to do it by hand, and the results are not always what you intended. Using a lawn seed spreader will ensure that your grass seeds are uniformly and evenly spread throughout your intended growth area. This will also prevent overseeding, a common problem, especially with amateur gardeners.

Contact us for the best fertilizer and seed spreaders, and ensure a healthy and even lawn.