The Vivid are conventional tractors, versatile, compact and sturdy with a wide choice of options that allow you to choose the tractor that exactly matches your needs. The advanced design is practical and rational.

Flexible and powerful “ecological” engines, reliable transmissions and efficient hydraulics ensure outstanding all-round performance. Environment and safety are guaranteed in order to protect the operator and those in the operating range of the machines.


The Vivid is equipped with the Lombardini indirect injection engines.

The Vivid 300 is equipped with a 3-cylinder engine that produces 26HP at 3400 rpm.

While the Vivid 400 comes with a 4-cylinder engine that delivers 35HP at 3400 rpm. Both engines are water-cooled and deliver high power with very high driving torque at low engine speeds.

Sturdy and reliable with low fuel consumption, they also benefit from low running costs and readily available replacement parts.


The Vivid tractor transmission is built with helical gearing to promote maximum use of engine power and reduce noise to a minimum. 12 forward and 12 reverse gears with synchronised ratios distributed over three ranges of 4 gears each provide a wide range of operating speeds.

The practical reverser incorporated in the transmission enables quick and easy changes of direction. The Vivid tractor’s dual-disc clutch is pedal-operated for the transmission and manual for the PTO.

Positioned centrally to keep overall dimensions to a minimum, the clutch has organic friction facings for smooth, progressive engagement.

Versatility and performance are guaranteed by the Vivid’s ability to transmit power effectively to the wheels: 4-wheel drive with the possibility of disengaging drive to the front axle and rear differential blocking, optimises traction increasing efficiency and productivity.


The driving position of the Vivid has been ergonomically designed to facilitate driving and control of the tractor. The adjustable steering wheel and the driver’s seat can be adjusted to the favoured driving position of the operator.

The controls, arranged in a rational layout, are all within easy reach and easy to operate, so that the operator is in complete control of the tractor and implements at all times.

Vivid tractors can be outfitted with comfortable cabs that are homologated and soundproofed, developed with great care to ensure maximum interior comfort.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic rear lift of the Vivid is a double ram unit with a 3-point hitch Category 1. Supported by the hydraulic system, on request, they can be provided with draft and position control. In addition to the rear lift, Vivid tractors can also be outfitted with a functional front lift with front and under-belly 2000 rpm PTO, indispensable for maintenance of green areas.