Ferrari Vega K90 – Stage V


Vega K90 – Stage V

A complete range formed by isodiametric versions with central articulation (AR), steering wheels (RS), Dualsteer® system or steering wheels configured in haymaking version (MT). Stage V engine, 75 HP

Vega K90 are specialised tractors matching the latest ‘made in Ferrari’ technology and the top production efficiency, always caring for the environment.
The new electronically-operated Stage V engines comply with the strictest European standards as for emission control: a supremacy among isodiametric tractors translating into lower consumption, less toxic emissions and higher operating comfort.
Innovative technical content, elegant design and reduced overall dimensions make Vega K90 indispensable machines for future agriculture.


K90 tractors come with a 3.8 lt Kubota engine which develops 75 HP. Devices such as the Exhaust Gas Recirculation system, the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and the Diesel Particulate Filter dramatically reduce toxic substances emitted into the environment.

The latest generation Common Rail engines ensure a precise injection control, a more efficient combustion, improved performance and less fuel consumption.

Electronic Management

The electronically-managed engine keeps engine speed steady and thus the vehicle speed, the PTO rotation speed and the hydraulic flow, with following fuel saving and improvement of the work efficiency.
The engine speed electronic management, developed in-house by BCS Group, is fast and precise through a control panel located at the right of the steering wheel.

Transmission & Gearbox

The transmission of the K90 range features the exclusive OS-Frame: engine and clutch are reciprocally connected by a single shaft transmitting movement both to the gearbox main clutch and the PTO clutch, obtaining compact dimensions and larger steering angles.
A joint in the middle of the tractor give more stability on slopes and all soil conditions, keeping the highest traction on all four wheels.
The synchronised gearbox is formed by 4 ranges and 4 speeds, for a total of 16 ratios both in forward and reverse, with synchronised reverser.
The logic sequence of speeds (from 700 m/h to 40 km/h) allows the selection of the best gear for the required use, with following fuel saving, reduced stress on mechanical components and a better quality of the work.

Electrohydraulic Reverser

Transmission can be equipped with the electronically-operated reverser, with EasyDrive® electronic handling. The comfortable lever on the left of the steering wheel allows the operator to reverse the driving direction without lifting the hands from the steering wheel and without using the clutch pedal, while keeping the vehicle control at all times.
For the best feeling between you and your tractor, you can modify the system reactiveness in 5 different levels, depending on the different working needs.

The comfortable reverser lever on the left of the steering wheel allows the operator to reverse the driving direction without lifting the hands from the steering wheel and without using the clutch pedal, while keeping the vehicle control at all times and working comfortably.
This patented system is based on an electronic control unit, fully developed and produced by BCS Group that can calculate in real time (every 5 milliseconds) parameters such as sloping, acceleration and load.
When the drive reverser is operated, the control unit increases or decreases the machine speed, depending on the speed and the engaged ratio; the reverse is then automatically engaged, releasing the clutch progressively while reducing manoeuvring times and increasing operating safety.
To get the best “feeling” with the tractor, the operator can change, depending on his needs, the system reactivity in 5 different levels shown on the dashboard colour display (from the softest, more gradual one to the most reactive and fast one), through the two buttons located close to the lever.
The EasyDrive® electrohydraulically-operated reverser is especially handy and easy to use for all those works requiring many direction changes, such as greenery maintenance, material handling with fork lift, snow moving works or for movements at the headland in vineyards and orchards.
The operator always works in full safety, because manual movements prevail at any time on those automatically managed by the control unit: brake and clutches pedals always prevail and, when operated, remove traction to the tractor and stop it.
The reverser diagnosis is visible on board through the dashboard display, reporting system failures with relevant fault codes or utilization errors.

Long Life Clutch

The new electronically-managed multiple-disc clutch in oil bath is smoother to engage and more performing vs the standard dry clutches, so that the operator can control the tractor always with more precision.
The use of this evolved hydraulic clutch inside the transmission generates a series of concrete advantages: longer life, no maintenance and top manoeuvrability thanks to the more compact dimensions of the tractor.
The clutch engaging pedal comes with the Pro-Act System for a more comfortable and ergonomic movement of the foot on the pedal. The operator is more sensitive to modulation.

Top Efficiency

The hydraulic system has two circuits with independent pumps and heat exchanger for oil cooling.
The oversized flow rate of pumps allows all modern implements for specialised agriculture to be coupled.
The new electronically-operated joystick allows to control the hydraulic system and the lifts at the same time through a single device; in this way, all operations involving the tractor hydraulic system can be performed safely and easily.
The rear PTO, with multiple-disc clutch in oil bath is independent from the transmission and is synchronised with all progress speeds.
A performing front lift is available as an optional, indispensable for using multipurpose implements.
The use in full safety both slopes and crosswise is guaranteed by the design geometry of K90 tractors, having a low centre of gravity and a very good weight distribution on axles when the implement is coupled to the rear lift.
The differential lock is electrohydraulically operated, so that the tractor is always under traction.
Four disc brakes in oil bath intervene simultaneously and continuously on all four wheels, even when the front drive is released, as they are supported by a hydrostatic control acting as braking divider.
The independent Brake-off parking brake is exclusive to K90 range: it automatically engages when the engine is switched off.

Absolute Comfort

The driving platform is hanging on silent-blocks to dampen vibrations and noise to the advantage of operating comfort.
The controls are ergonomically located and easy to be operated; when seated, the operator has a complete, unobstructed view on the machine and on the implement.
The multipurpose function of K90 tractors is enhanced by the reversibility of the driving seat: just in a few seconds the operator can rotate the driving platform by 180° (seat, steering wheel, dashboard and pedals), to work with a front-mounted implement and steadily supervising all working operations.

Approved cabs

The Comfort cabs were designed with streamlined contour to protect the vegetation the tractor is working in and also to ensure good comfort inside the compartment.
The cabs come with A/C system and heating, have large glassy windows and wide sunroof, so that the driver can supervise all operations in the best way also when the driving platform is in reverse position.

All under control

The new, automotive-inspired dashboard is a concentrate of digital technology.
In addition to the electrohydraulic controls located in a logic and ergonomic way, the multifunction colour display keeps each parameter under control at all times.
The quick and immediate reading of the values is possible thanks to the analogue gauges with dials.