Trium 45

Trium 45

The TRIUM transplanter for conical and pyramidal clods is equipped with 10 or 12 cups carousel, continuous rotation and timing regulation.

The row to row spacing is adjustable min. 45 cm (18”) in the 10 cups version and min. 60 cm (24”) in the 12 cups version.

Ideal for plants with very developed leaves (e.g. tomato, tobacco, cabbage, hemp etc…), it is driven by tyred driving wheels.

The transplanting units are independent and modular, the rotating distributor ensures high output and comfort for the operator.

Indicative production up to 4500-5000 plants/hour/row (6-7000 with 12 cups distributor).

Weights & Dimensions

 Checchi & Magli Trium Brochure

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