Terra-Mach Robust Rotary Hoe

Terra-Mach Robust Rotary Hoe

FK Robust Series

The Terra-Mach FK Robust Series Rotary Hoe is fitted with a multi speed gear box provides 4 different options of rotor speed for different soil conditions and applications. Side gear drive in oil bath. Strong Frame assembly which helps the implement to work in different types of soil. Boron steel blades that last 50% more than Hi Carbon. Helical arrangement of the blades puts less load on the tractor which makes tillage fast and economical. Can loosen & aerate soil up to 7 inches deep.Fitted with L blades proper pulverization. Heavy duty PTO shaft with slip clutch for overload protection.

Code Working Width Gearbox HP Rating No of Blades Weight PTO Clutch
FKDRTMG5-200-04-BP 200cm 90hp 48 540kg Standard

Terra-Mach FK Robust Series Brochure

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