Terra-Mach Hobby Rotary Hoe

Terra-Mach Hobby Rotary Hoe

FK Hobby Series

The Terra-Mach FK Hobby Series Rotarty Hoe is fitted with a single speed gear box able to work in different soil condition. It is used for small farms, fruit and vegetables, orchards, gardening and nurseries. Suitable for soil conditioning, weed control and seedbed preparation in small fields. Can loosen & aerate soil 4 to 5 inches deep. 6 blades per flange available with L type blades. Helical arrangement of the blades reduces load on the tractor which makes tillage fast and economical. Heavy duty PTO shaft with slip clutch for overload protection.

Code Working Width Gearbox HP Rating No of Blades Weight PTO Clutch
FKRTHSG-140-L-BP 140cm 55hp 42 236kg Standard
FKRTHSG-160-L-BP 160cm 48 258kg
FKRTHSG-180-L-BP 180cm 54 279kg

Terra-Mach FK Hobby Series Brochure

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