Terra-Mach Greenline Landscape Rake


Terra-Mach Greenline Landscape Rake


The Terra-Mach Greenline Lanscape Rake is the perfect addition to any hobby farm or lifstyle block owner’s implement collection. Designed to rake leaves, sticks and debris from your lawn and grassed areas, keeping your property neat and tidy. With high tensile fingers that spring back to their original shape, and the choice to angle your rake with 5 positions, allowing you to angle your rake to windrow to either the left or right side, making it easy for you to pick up. The Terra-Mach Greenline Landscape rakes are available in 4 sizes, 4 foot, 5 foot, 6 foot and 7 foot.

Model Options

Model                        Working Width of Rake                        Weight

TGL-4LR                      1200mm                                              81kg

TGL-5LR                      1500mm                                              89kg

TGL-6LR                      1800mm                                            100kg

TGL-7LR                      2100mm                                            112kg

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