Terra-Mach Greenline Grader Blade with Tilt


Terra-Mach Greenline Grader Blade with Tilt


Our Terra-Mach Greenline grader blade with tilt is available in 4 sizes, 4 foot, 5 foot, 6 foot and 7 foot. Both the 6 foot and 7 foot are available with optional depth wheel kit. Designed for the hobby farmer or lifestyle property owner for grading drive ways, landscaping and property maintanence needs. Its built with a strong frame with the abiity to angle the blade with 5 angle setting. The blade is also reversible, so you can either pull or push the blade depending on your job requirements.

The tilt is desinged with 5 angle adjustments, and can be tilted both sides making the Terra-Mach Greenline grader blade versatile to suit most of your hobby farm or lifestyle property needs.

The cutting edge is high tensile steel, with double blade system, so when you wear out the 1st edge, you can un-bolt it and flip to use the 2nd edge giving you twice the wear life.

Model Options

Model                         Working Width                 Weight

TGL-4GBS                  1200mm                          110kg

TGL-5GBS                  1500mm                          120kg

TGL-6GBS                  1800mm                          135kg

TGL-7GBS                  2100mm                          150kg

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