Terra-Mach Greenline Finishing Mower


Terra-Mach Greenline Finishing Mower



The Terra-Mach Greenline Finishing Mower is a tractor rear 3 point linkage mounted machine desinged to mow lawns. Available in a 6 foot cutting width with 3 blades that are belt driven by the central PTO driven gearbox, designed for low maintanence. 4 height adjustable caster wheels maintain a uniform cut giving you a profesional even finsh to your lawn. Height adjustment from 35mm to 115mm. With a rear discharge to minimise blade wear and safety chains fitted to protect against debris projecting from the mower.

Model options

Model                            Cutting Width

TGL-4FM                        1200mm

TGL-5FM                        1500mm

TGL-6FM                        1800mm

TGL-7FM                        2100mm

TGL-8FM                        2400mm

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