Terra-Mach 3 Tyne Sub Soiler

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Terra-Mach 3 Tyne Sub Soiler

FK Series

The Terra-Mach FK 3 Tyne Sub Soiler is a deep tillage implement specially designed for breaking up hard pan layers and loosening the subsoil allowing better drainage, root growth and mineral osmosis. There is an optional range of roller/ crumbler available, which helps in breaking bigger lumps to smaller clods,  also it helps in depth control and steady run of the sub soiler.. It’s ploughing depth can be adjusted, as the tynes have multiple mounting holes. Heavy duty chisel points are fitted

Standard Freatures

  • Cat 2 link pins
  • Reversible blade
  • Adjustable tyne depth
Code No Tynes Under frame clearance
FKSS-502 3 Adjustable

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