Ferrari Vega Sky Jump K90 Dualsteer – Stage V


Vega Sky Jump K90 Dualsteer® – Stage V

Tractors with front tires and rear rubber tracks, monodirectional, with double steering system Dualsteer®. Stage V engine, 75 HP
The Vega Sky Jump K90 is a specialized tractor with front tires and rear rubber tracks. This dual configuration provides the units the handling qualities of a classic tractor with tires as well as the stability and traction of a track.
As a matter of fact, the traction of the Vega Sky Jump K90, depending on the terrain, can exceed by 60% the one of the tractors with tires and if used on steep slopes it has a higher side stability which allows the tractor to work in espalier rows, generally sloping downstream, while perfectly following its direction even if combined with heavy tractor-mounted attachments.
This mix-configuration of tires-tracks of the Vega Sky Jump K90 shows three advantages:
1. A remarkably reduced ground compaction thanks to the less pressure of the tracks on the ground in comparison with the pneumatic wheel;
2. Minimal damages of the ground between rows and when steering at the end of the field in comparison with a machine equipped with iron tracks;
3. Homologation for road circulation and possibility to easily travel at 40 km/h. without spoiling the road surface.
Thanks to the unique dual steering system Dualsteer® acting on the front wheels and on the central articulation, the Vega Sky Jump K90 has a great maneuverability equal to its “brothers” on pneumatic wheels, as it can reach a steering angle of 60° with very limited steering radius.
These features, combined with the short wheelbase and low center of gravity, make the Vega Sky Jump K90 the ideal machine for working in rows and crops on steep slopes where traction, stability, maneuverability and safety are the essential requirements.


Sky Jump K105 tractors come with a 3.8 lt Kubota engine which develops 75 HP. Devices such as the Exhaust Gas Recirculation system, the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and the Diesel Particulate Filter dramatically reduce toxic substances emitted into the environment.
Latest generation Common Rail engine ensures a precise injection control, a more efficient combustion, improved performance and less fuel consumption.

The engine rpm electronic management has been entirely developed by BCS Group; it is fast and precise, through the dashboard located at the right of the steering wheel and operates: speed increase and decrease, set speed setting and recalling, electronic governor switching off and shifting to idle speed.


The Dualsteer® is a patented double steering system that combines the central articulation of the frame with the steering of the front wheels: this allows to realize a real steering angle equal to approximately 60°.
From the operational point of view the driver only needs to operate the steering wheel because the control of the engagement proportionality of the two devices, which act simultaneously, is guaranteed by a hydraulic circuit and by a specific system of mechanical connection of synchronization. The hydraulic circuit acts both on the steering cylinders of the central articulation and on the steering cylinders of the front wheels while the connection system guarantees the synchrony and the progressiveness of the steering.
The additional hydraulic cylinder on the central steering increases both the power steering with high accuracy at very low speeds also in presence of high load on the axles, both the direction and stability on road transfer at high speeds.


The transmission of Sky Jump is fitted with the OS-Frame chassis: the joint in the middle of the machine lets the front axle oscillate up to 15° with respect to the rear axle, for excellent stability on slopes, as the four wheels are always stuck on the ground.
The 32-speed synchronised gearbox (16 FWD + 16 REV) with synchronized reverser always allows right gear selection for the tasks for which the tractor is intended to.
The ‘Long Life’ clutch is multidisc in oil bath electronically-managed and hydraulic control with Pro-Act System.
The Sky Jump are equipped with planetary gear on the front axle and with cascade reduction gears on the rear side to minimize wheelbase of the tractor and increase its manoeuvrability.
The 4-wheel drive has got an electro-hydraulically controlled disengagement of the front one.


The rear PTO is independent from the gearbox and synchronized with all progress speeds. PTO can be engaged by an electro-hydraulic control, it has a speed of 540/540E rpm.
The clutch is multidisc in oil bath.
The solid rear hydraulic lift by rams (optional with position and draft control) relies on multi-purpose practical and versatile couplings to adapt quickly and easily to all marketed equipments.
The hydraulic system consists of a double circuit with two independent pumps and dedicated heat exchanger: one of 27.7 l/min dedicated to the lift and distributors, the other of 33 l/min dedicated to the hydroguide and electro-hydraulic control. As optional a 49 l/min oversize pump is available.
joystick with electronic control, is used to control both the hydraulic system and the rear lift with a single device.
The braking system, with 4 multiple disc wet brakes, is assisted by an hydrostatic control acting as braking distributor which intervenes constantly and simultaneously on the 4 brakes when acting on the pedal.
Exclusive to the Sky Jump is the independent Brake-off parking brake that is automatically inserted when the engine is off. When the unit is operating, on the other hand, it is controlled with a practical button on the dashboard.
The electro-hydraulically controlled front and rear differential lock, simultaneously or rear only, assures the best traction on any type of grounds.
The special cab with integrated safety cell protects the operator.


The driving platform is hanging on silent-blocks to dampen vibrations and noise to the advantage of operating comfort.
The controls are ergonomically located and easy to be operated; when seated, the operator has a complete, unobstructed view on the machine and on the implement.
The hydrostatic steering ensures maximum maneuverability and low turning radii.

Sky Jump is available with the new Compact Pro cab, pressurised and approved for Category 4, insulating operators from toxic inhalation during phytosanitary treatments, for a healthy and safe working environment.
The cab has been designed with the greatest care to even the smallest details to guarantee the inside comfort and not to damage the environment in which they operate.
Available in low-profile version which allows limiting the height and improving the use of the machine under the foliage in the pergola vineyards or under covered scaffolding and greenhouses.
The cab with heating and air conditioning has the air ducts placed in the front of the cabin to have the best air-conditioning and visibility also at the rear of the machine.
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Ferrari Sky Jump K90 Dualsteer Specs