SF Trip Rotary Hoe

SF Trip Rotary Hoe

Professional roto strip cultivator for tractors from 150 Hp

The SFTrip is designed specifically for cultivating in rows maintaining soil structure, preventing soil erosion and protecting the seeds resulting in the best possible germination conditions. In one pass it is possible to complete up to four steps all concentrated on the rooting and seeding zone. The SFTrip is ideal for the large farmer and contractors
Each segment of the rotor is enclosed by a rotating divider which effectively cuts through the ground separating the cultivated area from the non-cultivated.

The front sub soiler lifts and loosens the soil enhancing both the draining and water storage capacity leading to higher yields.
The rear hydraulic row packer roller reconsolidates and compacts the soil ahead of sowing.

Inter row spacing : 750 mm / 500 mm


Concept Agri SFTrip Brochure

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