Samon Onion Topper – Open Type


Samon Onion Topper – Open type

The Samon open haulm topper is designed to top and tail onions, while efficiently evacuating the soil and foliage. The open topper is fitted with side plates, and comes with three or four rotating shafts, each with two blades in the machine.

The topper tops and tails an entire bed as well as a track and the first row of the next bed, as a result windswept crops that land in a track are topped and tailed efficiently and without exception. The topped haulm is then dropped back into the bed. When one of the side plates is opened, the haulm is blown to one side.

The machine is available in widths from 1.50 to 3.00 metres. The topper comes standard with hydraulic height adjustment. The machine is available in front or rear mounted models, or an integrated model.

Samon Onion Topper - Open Type

Optional components:

  • Automatic depth control
  • Integrated topper (front and rear mounted model)
  • Haulm cutting disc
  • Lighting

Samon Onion Topper Brochure