Samon Onion Lifter


Samon Onion Lifter

The rotating bar harvester comes standard with a mechanical drive, rotating harvesting bar and feed roller. Thanks to a 40mm quadrangular harvesting bar, the machine creates significantly less soil disturbance, while ensuring efficient harvesting in wet weather conditions.

For hydraulically driven discs (for the outer rows) a different type of depth control is used, enabling the wheels to run parallel to the harvesting shaft and in the track. Because of the discs, the harvesting bar does not need to be very wide. A 40mm harvesting bar is also fitted to a 2.25 machine.

A compaction roller on the underside of the machine levels the worked soil for a perfect finish. The webs are equipped with mechanically adjustable rotary agitators. The machine can be equipped with one or two sieving webs with two different folders that are made specifically for them.

The machine is available with the following optional components:

  • Hydraulically driven rotary agitators
  • Hydraulically driven webs, optionally with stopper
  • Hydraulically driven discs that harvest from the outer rows inward.
  • Hydraulically driven butterfly roller instead of feed roller
  • Serrated shaft
  • Automatic depth control
  • Tailgate storage bunker
  • Belts instead of catch plates
  • Automatic lubrication of rotating bar bearings

Samon Onion Windrower Brochure