Samon 3 Bed Onion Lifter

Samon 3 Bed Onion Lifter

The Samon 3-bed onion harvester is designed to increase capacity so that more focus can be placed on the harvesting operation.

This model comes with three shaft harvesters mounted in a semi-mounted frame. The machine is partly carried by a steering spindle. The harvesting elements can independently follow the bed; each element has an automatic depth control. Each harvesting element is provided with hydraulically driven discs that harvest from the two outer rows inward.

The harvester comes standard with a double-side delivery conveyor, where two windrows are made of three beds. The machine is available in track widths of 1.50, 1.80 and 2.00m.

Optional components:

  • Work lighting
  • Automatic harvesting shaft bearing lubrication
  • Central delivery conveyor (one bed)
  • Delivery conveyor behind each harvesting element (three beds)

Samon 3Bed Brochure