BCS Rotex Hay Mower


BCS Rotex Hay Mower

The rear mounted disc mowers Rotex SILVER are available in the versions with 4, 5 or 6 discs. The fixed structure frame is developed for maximum limitation of the rear projecting part of the machine applied to the tractor.

The gearbox with the gears in an oil bath is made from spheroidal graphite cast iron to obtain excellent resistance to stress during work and transfer. The disc-holding flanges with torque limiting device guarantee total protection of the cutting equipment in the event of violent impact of the discs at work with stones or any foreign bodies.

The hydraulic displacement of the cutting equipment allows regulating its inclination both during “working” operations and “transfer” remaining comfortably seated in the driver’s seat of the tractor, simply by operating the distributor lever. The Rotex SILVER can be used with angles of inclination ranging from 90° upwards to 35° downwards. The quick release system for knives allows the replacement of the knives without using any wrench.

Cutter Bar

The cutter bar of the Rotex, well profiled and low thickness block, was realised with gears in an oil bath made from high resistance steel, strongly protected by anti-wear slides made from special steel with boron/manganese and by baffles in the knife overlap zones. The highly aggressive profiled discs are made from special steel.

The profile of the bar allows better penetration in all types of forage, even if thick and flattened, making it easier to pass through without clogging.

Rotex are available with normal-rotating discs, recommended for high and thick forage, or with counter-rotating discs, recommended for low and dense forage as in mountain zones.