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Rotex R5, R6 and R7 AVANT are the BCS front mounted disc mowers-conditioners. They are available in the versions with 5, 6 o 7 discs, these machines take full advantage of the basic characteristics of the Rotex TR AVANT, with the added advantage of having an effective and practical system of conditioning which reduces the drying time of the forage treated by up to 50%.

The frame has a linear, compact, light and resistant structure. Developed to significantly reduce the projecting part of the machine with respect to the tractor, it optimises the distribution of the loads, making the “combine” more stable.The hydraulic displacement device, mounted as standard, allows thev R AVANT mowing machines to move transversally about 200m on both sides and it also becomes a practical accessory when having to mow in the presence of trees or on canal banks A central articulated joint lets the machines oscillate with respect to the coupling, adapting to the morphology of the soils on which they are used. A pin allows “blocking” it during road transfers.

Cutter Bar

The cutter bar of the Rotex, well profiled and low thickness block, was realised with gears in an oil bath made from high resistance steel, strongly protected by anti-wear slides made from special steel with boron/manganese and by baffles in the knife overlap zones. The highly aggressive profiled discs are made from special steel.

The profile of the bar allows better penetration in all types of forage, even if thick and flattened, making it easier to pass through without clogging.

Rotex are available with normal-rotating discs, recommended for high and thick forage, or with counter-rotating discs, recommended for low and dense forage as in mountain zones.


The rollers of the Rotex conditioner are both made of rubber, characterized by helical ribbing and they are out of axis in order to allow the two rollers to work in an interlocking way, for the full benefit of the conditioning. This allows a better flow of the forage both when “coming in” and on “going out” of the conditioner, optimising its use even in the presence of crops that are particularly thick and flattened.

The conditioner pressure adjuster, with a lever control, allows regulating the distance between the two rollers from 0 to 40 mm. In this last position, the forage passes through the rollers practically without being conditioned.

Special protection carters protect the rollers of the conditioner in the case of violent collisions if operating on stony soils with protruding stones. Expelled by the rotation speed of the rollers, the product comes into contact with an adjustable rear conveyor which regulates the exit flow allowing the crop to fall on the ground forming a plentiful and well aired heap. The width of the “heap” is structured by special swathboards which can be adjusted according to the operator¬ís requirements.