Ferrari Raptor 35 – Stage V


Raptor 35 – Stage V

Traditional compact tractor with rigid chassis and differentiated wheels.
Four-wheel drive, short wheel base and large turning angles make Raptor 35 an agile and high performing multi-functional tractor: from transport operations inside the farm to work in the field and in vineyard and orchard rows, from greenhouses and nurseries to professional greens maintenance and winter use by municipalities.
A machine that offers the benefits of the FERRARI brand: compact dimensions, reliability, comfort and safety.
  • TRANSMISSION: 12 + 12.
  • POWER: 25.6 hp.
  • DRIVING POSITION: monodirectional.


The Raptor is equipped with the naturally aspirated Kohler KDW 1404 engine, developing 25.6 horse power at 3000rpm with 78Nm of Torque st 2000rpm.

Transmission and Gearbox

The Raptor transmission is built with helical gearing to promote maximum use of engine power and reduce noise to a minimum.
The 24-speed synchronised gearbox (12 FWD + 12 REV) with synchronized reverser always allows right gear selection for the tasks for which the tractor is intended to.
The dry dual-disc clutch is pedal-operated for the transmission and manual for the PTO.
The planetary gears on the rear wheels, reduce overall dimensions maximising torque transmission.
The machine has 4-wheel drive with disengageable front axle.

Driving Position

The driving position was designed to-measure for the driver with all of the controls set up ergonomically and easy to use.
Comfort seat with adjustable spring tension according to the operator’s weight and height-adjustable steering wheel (opt.) to configure the driver’s seat for the maximum operational comfort.
modern dashboard with analogue instruments offers total control of the tractor’s status.
Hydrostatic steering guarantees maximum manoeuvrability and contained turning radii to work better even in tight spaces.

PTO and Hydraulic System

The rear PTO is at 540 rpm, independent from the gearbox and synchronized with all progress speeds.
The solid rear hydraulic lift by rams (optional with position and draft control) relies on multi-purpose practical and versatile couplings to adapt quickly and easily to all marketed equipments.
As optional, the Raptor can be outfitted with a functional front lift with front and under-belly PTO.
The high performance hydraulic system with a 21.7 l/min and 110 bar running pressure, ensures maximum steering wheel manoeuvrability.

Active and Passive Safety

The multi disc wet brakes guarantee completely safe braking.
Rear differential lock, mechanically controlled, allows the tractor to be always in traction.
The roll-bar and the safety belts on the seat protect the operator.

Ferrari RAPTOR 35 – Stage V Brochure