Eurospand PXT Pendulum Spreader


PXT 490/690-890/1290

The Eurospand range of the PXT fertilizer spreaders with pendulum spout. The main features, robustness and rust proof materials, are the key to success of the three PXT models, with variable capacity, from 400 to 1200 litres, tailored for any kind of fertilization needs, even powdered fertilizers.


PXT Pendulum Spreader

Perfect measuring is essential for optimum fertilization: a guaranteed result with the PXT range, which has easy spreading tables, a practical setting lever on a graduated scale and variable geometry gates.

It is possible to apply a simple effect hydraulic control to open and close (optional).


The pendulum unit guarantees a perfect transversal distribution. Furthermore there are four different spreading angle positions to modify spreading width from 4 to 12 metres. Its working area avoids spreading both on tractor and on frame. Its minimal wind sensitivity makes it perfectly suitable with powders.


The frame has first and second category hitches. The 490 version bears 800 kg of useful load, the 890 version bears 1600 kg. The hopper is in fiberglass or in stainless steel; it can be tilted in the 890 version.

Eurospand PXT Brochure