Perfect VT Series Rotary Mower

Perfect VT Series Rotary Mower

An adjustable mower for orchards/vineyards/berry farms with gear drive; very suitable to mow tall grass. The adjustable working width enables the machine to mow closer to the trees. With side discharge to leave the cut material on the tree strips. The direct drive of the PERFECT VT rotary mower makes the cutting blades even more powerful than a V-belt driven mower. The result is a very high capacity and an excellent cut. To prevent overload of the drive, VT mowers are supplied with a PTO shaft with overrunning clutch and overload clutch. There are four VT models with working widths between 1.15 and 2.60 meters. VT mowers are equipped with two steel wheels at the front and a rear roller. The VT-225 and the VT-260 can be equipped with full rubber front wheels and/or a tandem roller.

  • Very high capacity, high working speed, also in tall grass.
  • Direct gearbox drive, high rotor torque.
  • PTO shaft with friction and overrunning clutch.



  • Hydraulic offset (displacing the entire mower).
  • Tandem roller and/or rubber front swivel wheels.
  • DC valve for simultaneous width adjustment left and right.

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