Perfect Sunwing Rotary Mower


Perfect Sunwing Rotary Mower

The Sunswing can reach far under low-positioned solar panels; thanks to the swinging arm, you can mow precisely around the construction. This asymmetrical machine is developed entirely to mow far next to the tractor track as well. The SUNSWING is a unique solar park mower; because of the very heavy construction, the mower is suitable for very intensive use, for example by professional contractors, but also for heavier tractors. The machine is equipped with a hydraulic offset, rubber swivel wheels on the front and discharge protection on the full width as a standard to protect solar panels from damage by pebbles and the like. The SUNSWING can optionally be equipped with a hydraulically adjustable blade disc or a hydraulic feeler (for working on slopes).

Heavy duty headstock, frame and mowing disk
Expected machine life +65%*
Working speed +40%*
Wear on swing arm components -50%*
* In comparisson to a conventional mower with swing arm

Automatic Swing Arm

The PERFCT SUNSWING is designed to make mowing between and under solar panels easier whilst avoiding damage to the stands. When the rubber surround of the disk touches the construction, the wheel rotates and de􀁅ects the mowing disk and its cutting blade away from the pole.

Large offset possibility

The large hydraulic offset and low construction of the swing arm and frame are ideal to reach far under the panels and extreme low.


PERFECT Sunswing Brochure

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