Perfect RN Series Rotary Mower


Perfect RN Series Rotary Mower

The RN mower has a powerful drive with two gearboxes; the result is a high capacity, when mowing taller grass as well. The low, rounded frame and the standard swivel wheels make this orchard mower extra manoeuvrable. All RN orchard mowers are equipped with three rotors. RN orchard rotary mowers are available with working widths between 1.80 and 2.90 meters.

  • Double gearbox driveline; counter-rotating blades, high capacity.
  • Automatic v-belt tensioners.
  • Side discharge possibility (left + right).



  • Hydraulic offset (parallelogram).
  • Headstock for mowing and spraying in one pass.
  • Front mount version (trailed) or front/rear headstock.
  • Tandem rear roller and/or rubber front swivel wheels for optimal ground contour following in more uneven terrain.

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