Perfect MD Series Rotary Mower

Perfect MD Series Rotary Mower

The MD rotary mower is the perfect machine for orchards where weed control on the tree strips is done by mowing. The clever drive and very sturdy but flexible blades supply the MD with a high capacity, excellent cut and a long life span. As soon as the swing-away blade of the MD orchard mower touches the tree-trunk, it swings back; when doing so, the swing-arm, which is supplied with a rubber strip, goes around the tree without damaging it. When the arm has passed the tree, it swings back on the tree strips thanks to a spring mechanism. The heavy cutting blades mow tough grass and other plants as well. This orchard rotary mower is available in different working widths; there is a suitable MD orchard mower for almost every orchard. The MD can be equipped with a hydraulic feeler system for orchards with young trees; the feeler registers the presence of a tree and directs a hydraulic cylinder that makes sure that the blade disc mows around the tree without touching it.

Double gearbox drive; counter-rotating blades, high capacity.
Heavy v-belt drive with automatic belt tensioners.
Adjustable front swivel wheels and rear roller for excellent ground contour following.
Side discharge possibility (left + right).
Diameter of the mowing disks 60 cm (MD-440; 85 cm).



Hydraulic feeler bars for young trees / sloping terrain.
Hydraulic swing arm adjustment.
Raisable mowing disks (max. 15 degrees).
Tandem roller and/or rubber front swivel wheels.

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