Perfect FV2 Series Rotary Mower


Perfect FV2 Series Rotary Mower

Completely mechanically driven rotary mower , to mow on the tree strips (vineyards, berries) or around strawberry racks. High capacity and very nice cut. Available in eight working widths. Since many years, the FV2 vineyard mower is the best mower for vineyards where the soil covering isn’t chemically controlled. The high capacity over the full width and the very reliable swing mechanism make the FV2 the perfect mower for biological winegrowing. Because of sturdy V-belt drive system, the heavy cutting blades spin very fast. And so, the swing-arms have a high capacity despite their small diameter. The FV2 mower is available in eight diverse working widths; to optimally adjust the position of the discs to the specific circumstances, the FV2 can be equipped with hydraulic adjustment of the discs. Doing so, the maximum working width is limited while the swing effect remains the same. To mow in vineyards where the vines are off the ground, ‘raiseable swing arms’ are available; this means that the discs can be operated in an angle of maximum 15 degrees.

  • For vineyards, berry cultures etc.
  • Entirely mechanical driveline, extremely reliable.
  • Double gearbox drive; counter-rotating blades, high capacity.
  • Side discharge possibility (left and right).



  • Hydraulic swing arm adjustment.
  • Raisable mowing disks (max. 15 degrees).
  • Hydraulic feeler bars for young vines and/or sloping terrain (on FV2-250-…-FV2-365).

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