Perfect DR/MV Series Rotary Mower


Perfect DR/MV Variable Width Series Rotary Mower

Adjustable orchard mower for large and/or varying row spacings. This rotary mower has a lot of flexibility as regards the width of the strips of grass that have to be mowed, thanks to the hydraulically adjustable wings.

  • Central frame with 2 (MV) or 3 (DR) rotors.
  • Double gearbox drive; counter-rotating blades, high capacity, anti-scalp plates under the wing rotors.
  • DR-570 with two support wheels on each wing.



  • Headstock for mowing and spraying in one pass*.
  • Front mount headstock (trailed suspension) or front/
  • rear headstock*.
  • Adjustable wing angle (max. 15 degrees).*
  • Rubber wheels on the central frame, standard on DR-440/480/570.
  • *not on DR-570

PERFECT Orchard Equipment Brochure

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