MB Hydraulic Recoil Deep Ripper


MB Hydraulic Recoil Deep Ripper

MB Hydraulic Recoil Soil Renovator

KP-AR Series

  • MB soil renovators will break up hard pans and compacted soils with little inversion
  • MB soil renovators will by removing soil compaction, improve water penetration into the soil and improve aeration, which will encourage more microbic activity and better root growth
  • Our most robust, hydraulic recoil soil renovator yet and the best value for money machine in Australia


  • – 30cm (12″) tyne spacings
  • – Maximum digging depth 60cm (24″)
  • – Maximum breakout 2000Lbs at blade
  • – Nitrogen filled accumulators
  • – Adjustment of the breakout can be done hydraulically on the go
  • – Easy to change bolt on points
  • – Bolt on shin guards