MAE IP Series Pendulum Spreader


IP Series Pendulum Spreader

The MAE IP series pendulum spreaders are availble in 3 sizes, the base unit is 400ltr Poly hopper, with the option to add extensions to increase to either 700ltr or 900ltr capacity. The pendulum spout gives maximum spreading accuracy with 2 spreading options, uniform even spread, or band spreading suitable in row- space cultivations, like vineyards and orchards..

The adjustable transmission group allows spreading widths of 6-24m.

Code Capacity Spreading Width
IP-400 400 Litre 6-24 metres
IP-700 700 litre 6-24 metres
IP-900 900 litre 6-24 metres

Standard Features

Heavy Duty Frame                Heavy Duty Poly Hopper  Spreading Width Adjustment

Cam Driven Gearbox             Rate Control Lever              Agitator

Pendulum Spout                    Hydraulic Rate Control (optional)

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