MAE Hydrualic Reversible Mouldboard Plough- Mounted

MAE Hydrualic Reversible Mouldboard Plough- Mounted

Standard Features

► Time savings and reduced fuel consumption.
► Ploughing without disturbing the field leveling.
► Three positions mechanically (standard) or infinitely variable hydraulic working width adjustment from tractor seat (optional).
► Flanged frame to add an extension, if required.
► Possibility to transport by placing easily in transport position.
► Different adjustment mechanisms for the best tractor-plough adaptation.
► Different chassis options manufactured from special alloyed seamless profile.
► Standardly supplied deflector and shear bolt safety.

Chassis Options

l00xl00 mm Light Model (DPH)

120×120 mm Standard (DP)

140X140 mm Heavy Model (DPA)

 Optional Euipment

► Trash boards
► Shares, mouldboards with reversible points

► Skimmer
► Slatted body
► Wing coulter
► Disc coulter
► Bar point body

Model Specifications

MAE DP-DPA Hyd Rev MB Plough Brochure