MAE 3PL Garlic Planter

MAE 3PL Garlic Planter


Our Tractor mounted 3PL MAE Garlic Planters are designed for the small Garlic grower. The MAE Garlic Planter collects and positions the Garlic bulbs without damaging them. You can adjust the required depth the Garlic bulbs are planted and also adjust the spacing with the transmission gear lever, giving 6 spacing options from 8cm to 16cm (larger spacings can be achieved by removing cups)

The MAE 3PL Garlic Planters are efficient and easy to use, cutting your planting time and person hours down to a fraction of the time.

The MAE Garlic Planter is designed with low maintenance in mind.

Planting Data

No of rows – 6 or 10

Row Spacing – 18cm

Plant Spacing –8cm – 9cm – 10cm – 11.5cm – 13.5cm – 16cm


MAE 3PL Garlic Planter Brochure

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