Eurospand Jolly 32 Twin Spinner Spreader

Eurospand Jolly 32 Twin Spinner Spreader

Jolly 32 Twin Spinner Spreader
Jolly double disc spreaders of the Eurospand Series, are the ideal aid for the correct and precise distribution of mineral fertilizers, organic amenders and seeds. A correct fertilizer distribution is not a cause of pollution: on the contrary it is indispensable help for better farming.

Jolly answer the basic needs of today’s farming:

  • Fertilizing with gain
  • Long life
  • Technical assistance
  • Easy use

It’s the result of their excellent technological features such as:

  • Vibro-System: the system with a vibrant hopper bottom and stainless steel filtering grids.
  • Measuring and Adjustment geometrically variable with micrometric regulation
  • Lateral Feeding of the distribution vanes
  • Spreading Precision
  • Hydraulic Remote Control
  • TPS: Transmission Protection System
  • A Stainless Steel Core: stainless steel feeding, measuring and distribution systems
  • Structural Solidity
  • Safety


The VIBRO SYSTEM is a hopper device with a vibrating bottom that constantly and continuously feeds the distribution unit without using any agitator that would break the products. It allows and guarantees the even measuring of the chosen quantities. Thanks to this device, it is now possible to distribute any type of fertilizer, from granular or powder fertilizers to pellets, compost and seeds without altering their physical features.

The VIBRO SYSTEM solves all the problems connected with the:

  • Breaking of fertilizer granules and seeds
  • Heating and lumps
  • Spreading of any type of fertilizer even with critical weather conditions
  • Evenness of distributed quantities: the system makes independent the delivered quantity from the level of hopper filling
  • The Eurospand double disc spreaders are equipped with two special vibrant grids made in stainless steel (as a standard outfit). Two are their purposes: retaining the fertilizer lumps and keeping constant the fertilizer pressure on the feed system with any product volume inside the hopper, thanks to their position at the bottom of the hopper itself.


The measuring is obtained through the rotation of two stainless steel discs. One of them has three variable geometry openings that give a delivery curve fit both for the micro and the large quantities.

The Eurospand double disc spreaders are equipped with an automatic positioning system, which optimizes the fertilizer flow towards the spreading disc according to the increase of the supplied quantity. It is also possible to intervene manually on the earlier or later outflow of the fertilizer onto the disc, in order to compensate the spreading, if it is too concentrated at the centre or at the sides, due to different physical fertilizer features with special weather conditions.

Easy and simple adjustment on graduated scales with 50 positions. If necessary, the system enables to feed the two discs with different quantities.


A must-have feature offered by the Eurospand spreaders is the lateral feeding of the distribution vanes. In this way neither pulverizing nor breaking occur during distribution. The product is routed along the blades with progressive acceleration, thus producing a continuous and regular flow. The lateral opening solves the distribution problems on uneven ground and guarantees optimum evenness.

The excellent distribution of the product is guaranteed by a constant Coefficient of Variation (C.V.) up to 36m, and always lower than 10%.

  • Left and right independent hydraulic control with a tractor single input valve
  • Hydraulic cylinders with stainless steel stems to close the flow
  • Stainless steel gas dampers to activate the feeding



The TPS enables the operator to check the correct length of the PTO shaft before starting. In case the length of the PTO shaft is not correct, the TPS intervenes by transmitting the anomalous flexion stress exclusively to four flexible rubber joints, thus preserving the transmission unit. The correct length of the PTO shaft and so the exact work angle of the driving gearbox can be easily checked by the alignment of two pointers located on the frame and on the transmission unit. Therefore the TPS allows safe work in every working condition.


  • Spreading Width up to 36m
  • Tilting Hopper with capacity from 1600 to 3000 litres
  • Hydraulic System
  • Vibro System
  • Transmission Protection System
  • Road Lights
  • Spreading Discs at 1000rpm – PTO Shaft at 1000rpm


A Chassis of exceptional solidity, fit to support the hopper on three sides. The three-point linkage enables hitching also in a 100mm. advanced position and in a 150mm. higher position for top dressing.


Additional filtering grid recommended when using poor quality fertilizers with excessive lumps (optional accessory).


The Plexiglas doors positioned on the rear side of the hopper allow easy access to the sieving grids.


Stainless steel hopper version.


Hydraulically controlled device to spread along field borders (optional accessory).


For easy cleaning and maintenance.


Left and right independent levers with stainless steel tie rods and spherical joints.


Left and right independent hydraulic control with hydraulic cylinders and stainless steel gas dampers.