MAE IRIS IPS Trailed Spreader

MAE IRIS IPS Series Trailed Spreader

The MAE IRIS IPS Trailed spreader has a durable Poly hopper, stainless steel distributor plate & spinner disc. The spinner vanes are adjustable to vary the spreading widths.

The Distributor plate is adjustable to offer 3 spreading patterns: uniform spread, spread to the left or right hand sides only.

Code Capacity Spreading Width
IPS-200 200 Litre 8-16 m
IPS-340 340 Litre 8-16 m

Standard Features

Strong Frame                          Heavy Duty Poly Hopper      Ground Drive System

Stainless Parts                         Accurate Rate Control        Height Adjustable
                                                            Lever                                              Drawbar

Tyres                                                Electric Rate Control System
IPS-200 15×6-6                           (Optional)
IPS-340 18×8.5-8