Characterised by extremely compact dimensions, the Invictus 35 range is made out of multi-functional isodiametric tractors intended for hobby-farmers, semi-professionals and small farms specialised in greenhouses, vegetable gardens, nurseries and micro-row cultivations.

Available in 2 versions:

  • AR – Chassis with central articulation, narrow wheel track and contained turning radii.
  • RS – Chassis with steering wheels, stability and adherence for use also in sloping areas.
The Invictus 35 range is the only one in its category that offers an articulated version.
  • TRANSMISSION: 8 + 4.
  • POWER: 25 hp.
  • DRIVING POSITION: monodirectional.


Model Power KW/HP Nominal speed (rpm) No. of cylinders Displacement (cm3) Aspiration Maximum torque (Nm/rpm)
Kubota D1105 18.5 / 25 3000 3 1123 Natural 71.5 / 2200

The Invictus are equipped with Kubota D1105 engines, a 3-cylinder engine that produces 25HP at 3000 rpm.

The Kubota engine is water-cooled and delivers high power with very high driving torque at low engine speeds.

Maximum reliability.


The Invictus use a 12-speed gear with easy connection with 8 forward gears and 4 reverse gears without speed overlapping between the ranges; the gear ratios are rationally distributed to cover a wide range of applications, allowing full use of the power delivered by the engine for maximum productivity in all working conditions.

The differential units, front and rear, with mechanical locking, the integral 4WD traction and the integral oscillating frame +/- 15° guarantee maximum traction even in use on broken and sloped land.


For Invictus tractors comfort is guaranteed by an excellent setting of the drive module: the gear stick are allocated under the dashboard to enable maximum accessibility to the driving seat, which is spring and certified with safety belts. Wrap around mud guards and the chassis, further, guarantee maximum protection for the operator.

Control instrumentation has been manufactured on a new design: the dual, circular tools, other than giving the dashboard an elegant appearance, provide the operator with all the data necessary to keep vehicle functioning under control.

The hydrostatic steering acting on front wheels, workable and precise, allow Invictus RS to have reduced steering radius.


+ Kubota engine with 25 hp and max torque of 71.5 Nm.
+ Fuel tank 
of 43-litre for long operating time.
+ Gearbox levers positioned under the steering wheel
 to allow maximum accessibility to the driver’s seat.
+ Generous hydraulic system
 with the possibility of fitting up to a maximum of 6 hydraulic outlets.
+ Independent PTO 
with multidisc in oil bath clutch (opt.) available for RS version.
+ Compact dimensions and hydrostatic steering
 for maximum manoeuvrability even in the tightest spaces.
+ Appealing look 
with dual work lights built into the bonnet and new graphic design.

BCS INVICTUS 35 – Stage V Brochure