Ferrari Mizar 70 – Stage V

Ferrari Mizar 70 – Stage V

This is the new generation of compact, medium power tractors that also offer high-range technological content and performance.

A range of professional isodiametric tractors, with reversible driving position by standard, made out of 4 different versions each of which is designed and built to fulfil the specific needs of specialised farming:

  • AR – Chassis with central articulation, narrow wheel track and contained turning radii.
  • RS – Chassis with steering wheels, stability and adherence for use also in sloping areas.
  • DUALSTEER® – Chassis with central articulation and steering wheels for unrivalled manoeuvrability in tight spaces.
  • MT – Chassis with steering wheels, configured for haymaking on hills and mountains.

Equipped with a Stage V 63 hp engine the new Mizar 70 range was created with an operator-centred project with a completely re-designed driving position to guarantee maximum comfort and total protection thanks to the new VISTA PRO cab, pressurised and homologated category 4.

  • TRANSMISSION: 12 + 12 with Easy Plus™ clutch and Smart Brake & Go.
  • SYNCRONISED REVERSER: yes, with Power Clutch System button.
  • POWER: 63 hp.
  • DRIVING POSITION: reversible with platform suspended on silent blocks.
  • CABIN: conical structure with 4-upright. Vista or Vista Pro models, homologated cat. 4 (opt.)


The engine is a Kohler KDI 2504 TCR 63 hp 4-cylinder Turbo Intercooler with particulate filter, that BCS Group worked on in collaboration with Kohler for an advanced regeneration strategy guaranteeing maximum performance and reducing machine downtime to a minimum.

The rpm is electronically quickly regulated with the hand throttle knob and precisely regulated through buttons on the dashboard for: increase and decrease engine speed, memorize and recall the set speed.


To be agile is a crucial characteristic for all specialised tractors. The market demand is therefore to have tractors that are ever more agile and manoeuvrable in tight and narrow spaces, even on a slope, since it is crucial to be able to operate better and achieve high productivity levels.
The Dualsteer® version, unique on the market, offers unrivalled manoeuvrability thanks to the double steering system, patented and completely re-designed, that combines and synchronises the central joint of the frame with front wheel steering.
This system makes it possible to achieve a steering angle of 60° to exit and enter the next row with a single manoeuvre with evident time saving, increased production and less compaction of the soil.

Winning in every field of use:
The unrivalled steering radius combined with the stability during manoeuvres also on slopes, make the Dualsteer® version the winning solution in numerous fields of use:

  • vineyards and orchards with little space for manoeuvres at the end of the field,
  • greenhouse cultivations,
  • horticultural-floricultural-nursery sector,
  • greens maintenance and municipality use.

With 7.00-18 wheels it achieves the narrowest configuration with an overall width of 1150 mm.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The driving position, with platform suspended on silent block, was redesigned combining comfort and compactness.

  • Suspended pedals. Increasing the wheel base by 90 mm made it possible to adopt all suspended pedals leaving space on the platform. Therefore the ergonomics are identical for both front drive and reverse.
  • Greater seat travel to increase the living space.
  • Reversibility improved thanks to easier seat tilting with gas spring.
  • New joystick armrest with reduced overall dimensions, longitudinal adjustment and storage compartment.

New Cabin

The 4-upright cabin features a conical and compact profile to easily work in tight rows, also on side slopes and in vegetation-rich environments.

The LED working lights, available up a total of 10, light up the working area.

Monocoque chassis installed on silent block. All-glass doors. Lower hatch closing for ground visibility at the front. Roof hatch with sun-shade. USB car radio with speaker phone and sound diffusers, 2 USB outlets. Interior rear-view mirror, storage compartment and courtesy light. 4 LED working lights (2 front and 2 rear). LED beacon lamp. Fabric seat.
Available in 2 versions:  

  • VISTA equipped with ventilation and heating system. Soundproofed and homologated cat. 2.
  • VISTA PRO equipped with ventilation, heating and air-conditioning system. Soundproofed, pressurised and homologated cat. 4 thanks to active carbon filters available optionally. LED working lights on the 4 sides of the cab (10 lights in total).

Maximum Efficiency

A totally renewed transmission with the same technological content as top-range tractors.
  • New Easy Plus™ clutch: multidisc in oil bath with hydraulic control is electronically controlled by software that filters any poor use of the clutch pedal by the operator, avoiding jerky start-up. Thanks to the Easy Plus™ clutch, progressive engagement is guaranteed, without damage and wear.
  • Power Clutch System: using the button located on the reverser and speed levers, the operator can change the direction of the tractor or change speed without using the clutch pedal, for maximum operating comfort.
  • Smart Brake & Go: this system, which is activated from a button on the dashboard, makes it possible to stop the tractor and restart using only the brake pedal without using the clutch.

These functions, unique among isodiametric tractors, are possible thanks to the new vehicle control unit of very high automotive standards, that has allowed us to achieve the most from the electro-hydraulic clutch.

Also the mechanical part of the transmission has been strengthened and upgraded to the professional objectives that the new Spirit 70 range is required to fulfil:

  • Implementing the double steering cylinder into the central articulation (AR version) and for the front axle (RS version).
  • Implementing larger planetary reduction units for equipping 20” tyres.
  • Implementing a forced lubrication circuit for the bearings and PTO gears.
  • A new braking system with hydraulic actuation to guarantee suitable stopping spaces in any condition.

Lift and Hydraulics

The rear lift has 25% more lifting capacity.
Category 2 was also implemented with L-arms adjustable in width and length that increase the possibilities of using increasingly more complex and technological implements, suitable for the new range.
Over-sized hydraulic system makes it possible to set the tractor up with up to 5 double-acting control valves with free flow oil return (11 hydraulic outlets in total) and a standard flow rate of about 37 l/m that switches to a full 48 litres/m in the increased version.
The new electronically controlled joystick uses CAN-bus technology and integrates the PTO engagement button and potentiometer to adjust the hydraulic flow rate.

Ferrari MIZAR 70 – Stage V Brochure

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