Ferrari Draco 85 – Stage V

Ferrari Draco 85 – Stage V

Low profile tractors with differentiated wheels and short wheel base. Compact and agile for working in greenhouses, olive groves, orchards and vineyards also on slopes, pergola vineyards and canopy plantations or characterised by low foliage.
The Draco 85 range is available in 2 versions:

  • RS – Chassis with steering wheels, stability and adherence for use also in sloping areas.  
  • DUALSTEER® – Chassis with central articulation and steering wheels for unrivalled manoeuvrability in tight spaces.
  • TRANSMISSION: 16 + 16 with Easy Plus™ clutch and Smart Brake & Go.
  • SYNCRONISED REVERSER: yes, with Power Clutch System button.
  • POWER: 75 hp.
  • DRIVING POSITION: monodirectional with platform suspended on silent blocks.
  • CABIN: low profile Compact Pro, homologated cat. 4 (opt.)


Model Power KW/HP Nominal speed (rpm) No. of cylinders Displacement (cm3) Aspiration Maximum torque (Nm/rpm)
Kohler KDI 2504 TCR 55.4 / 75.3 2300 4 2482 Turbo / Intercooler 300 / 1500

The 85 range is equipped with a 75 hp 4-cylinder Turbo Intercooler engine with particulate filter, that BCS Group worked on in collaboration with Kohler for an advanced regeneration strategy guaranteeing maximum performance and reducing machine downtime to a minimum.
The rpm is electronically controlled quickly and precisely through a console positioned to the right of the steering wheel, with these functions:

  • increase and decrease engine speed,
  • memorize and recall the set speed,
  • switch off and switch to minimum speed.


To be agile is a crucial characteristic for all tractors in the vineyard and orchard. The market demand is therefore to have machines that are ever more agile and manoeuvrable in tight and narrow spaces, even on a slope, since it is crucial to be able to operate better and achieve high productivity levels.
The Dualsteer® version, unique on the market, offers unrivalled manoeuvrability thanks to the double steering system that combines and synchronises the central joint of the frame with front wheel steering.
This patented system makes it possible to achieve a steering angle of approximately 70° to exit and enter the next row with a single manoeuvre with evident time saving, increased production and less compaction of the soil.
Winning in every field of use:
Its unrivalled turning radius makes the Dualsteer® version the best in numerous fields of use:

  • vineyards and orchards with limited space for manoeuvre at the end of the field
  • greenhouse cultivations
  • horticultural-floricultural-nursery sector

In comparison to crawlers, on steeper slopes and uneven grounds Dualsteer® offers a dual advantage:

  • superior stability and traction of the 4 wheels always adherent to the ground thanks to the OS-FRAME swinging chassis.
  • minimisation of soil damage caused by iron tracks during manoeuvres at the end of the field.

Cabin Cat.4

The driving platform is hanging on silent-blocks to dampen vibrations and noise to the advantage of operating comfort.
The new COMPACT PRO cab, available on request, is characterised by a low-profile monocoque chassis that optimises the work under the foliage, in pergola vineyards, canopy plantations and greenhouses.
Equipped with air conditioning with automotive-design air vents set up in front of the operator, the COMPACT PRO cabin is pressurised and homologated cat. 4.
The active carbon filters isolate the operator from toxic inhalations during phytosanitary treatments, for a healthy and safe working environment.


+ Kohler engine 75 hp 4-cylinder Turbo Intercooler.
+ New Easy Plus™ clutch 
for progressive and smooth engagement.
+ Power Clutch System 
for maximum operational comfort.
+ Smart Brake & Go
 to stop and restart the tractor using only the brake pedal.
+ New joystick (opt.) with PTO engagement button
 and potentiometer to adjust the hydraulic flow rate.
+ Ball joint lifting capacity
 of 2700 kg.
+ Compact Pro cabin 
(opt.) low-profile, pressurised and homologated cat. 4 for phytosanitary treatments in full safety.
+ LED working lights
 and compact design thanks to the 8 cm lower bonnet.
+ 24” rear wheels
 (also available with cabin) for maximum drive.

Renewed Transmission

The adoption of a new vehicle control unit that offers very high automotive standards has made it possible to achieve the most from the electro-hydraulic clutch and to equip the Eagle 85 range with some exclusive features:

  • Easy Plus™ clutch: multidisc in oil bath with hydraulic control is electronically controlled by software that filters any poor use of the clutch pedal by the operator, guaranteeing progressive engagement, without damage and wear.
  • Power Clutch System: using the button located on the reverser and speed levers, the operator can change the direction of the tractor or change speed without using the clutch pedal, for maximum operating comfort.
  • Smart Brake & Go: this system, which is activated from a button on the dashboard, makes it possible to stop the tractor and restart using only the brake pedal without using the clutch.

Transmission can optionally be equipped with the exclusive EasyDrive® electro-hydraulic power shuttle.
The comfortable reverser lever on the left of the steering wheel allows the operator to reverse the driving direction without lifting his hands from the steering wheel and without using the clutch pedal, while keeping the vehicle control at any time and working comfortably.

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