Eurospand Galileo Spreader

Eurospand Galileo Spreader

The Eurospand Galileo fertilizer spreader is a medium capacity carried double disc fertilizer spreader with the technical features of the high range.

Vibro System – Double Disc Fertilizer Spreaders

In the market so far the feeding of the most common fertilizer spreaders (fertilizer and seed distributors) is carried out by fall of the product, thanks to the hopper inclined walls, and by the use of mechanical devices turning inside the hopper, dipped into the product. These latter devices are commonly known as “agitators”, and allow for a continuous flow of the product towards the feed system.
During their function, these metal agitators collide against the fertilizer and cause friction or abrasion among granules, with subsequent breaks of the product and alteration of its nutritional characteristics; as a matter of fact, a broken or pulverized fertilizer immediately releases its properties to the ground instead of diluting them in a longer length of time, with the risk of instant over-fertilization and possible pollution of water strata.
Another inconvenience caused by agitators is the production of heat during use. This heat is transmitted to the fertilizer and, together with the grinding and pulverizing phenomena, it causes the formation of lumps that can partly or totally obstruct the orifices of the spreading system.
Furthermore should a spreader be used to distribute seeds, the agitator rotation can damage the seeds. The damaged seeds will obviously never sprout.
Years of research and development in lab and in field, led our company to the creation of the “VIBRO SYSTEM”, an innovative stainless steel system made of a vibrant disc mounted at the hopper bottom and above the feed system. When engaging the PTO shaft, the hopper bottom starts to vibrate, and keep on doing so for the entire distribution lapse of time.

A stainless steel sieving grid is solidly applied above the vibrating bottom. It has three main functions:
– retaining the fertilizer lumps that if were reaching the orifices of the quantity calibration system could block the constant and regular functioning of the feed and distribution system;
– guaranteeing the fertilizer flow towards the vibrating bottom also in presence of consistent quantities of lumpy product (thanks to the vibration);
– decreasing and maintaining constant the fertilizer pressure on the feed system in order to distribute a constant and continuous dose of fertilizer with any volume of product inside the hopper.

With the “VIBRO SYSTEM”, it is now possible to distribute products like powdered lime, sulphates, pellets or organic amenders that cannot normally be spread with traditional systems; it is furthermore advisable to use the VIBRO SYSTEM for the broadcast sowing of various seeds and wet rice; granules reach the distribution system without losing their potentiality to sprout, which can be compromised by frictions due to scrubbing or incisions normally caused by the rotation of agitators inside the product.

Thanks to the vibration system it is possible to feed one single disc also for a long time (an indispensable condition to treat the field borders), without incurring into the usual grinding , heating and bridging problems in correspondence of the closed shutters. Problems that are responsible for partial or total blockage of the fertilizer flow.


Curved tubes and conveniently shaped round edges to avoid the sediment of powders of fertilizer and guarantee maximal sturdiness.
The result is an easy, fast cleanable frame with useful load up to 1900 kg.


Moulded vanes with patented edges and a stainless steel barrier above the spreading discs: two of our winning choices ever for an optimal lateral distribution.

Distribution Adjustment

This technical solution enables the end-user to position optimally the outflow of the fertilizer to spread according to the increase of the delivered quantity. The larger the quantity of fertilizer on disc between the passage of one vane and the following one, the farther the automatic orientation of fertilizer outflow onto the disc. In other words, if the quantity increases the system turns the orifice towards the outside in a automatic and progressive way by means of tie rods directly connected to the opening levers.
It is also possible to intervene manually on the earlier or later outflow of the product on the disc in order to compensate a spreading too much localized along the sides or too much at the centre of the passage.

Lateral Feed

 In comparison with the traditional systems where the fertilizer falls from the above feeding chamber on the disc, Eurospand-Cavallo double disc spreaders use a lateral feeding for vanes.
This solution guarantees an optimal transversal distribution also on uneven grounds since the vanes receive the product always from the side (laterally) keeping the spreading angle constant also in the presence of oscillations or slopes.
Another advantage is the elimination of the granule brake phenomena typical of the systems where the vanes receive the product by fall from the above and by turning they brake it again and again.

TPS – Transmission Protection System

Our double disc fertilizer spreaders are provided with an innovative oscillating unit of transmission, mounted on flexible rubber mountings. Thanks to this revolutionary system, now the operator can easily check the correct length of the PTO shaft before the ignition of the machine thus avoiding any damage to the transmission shafts or, in some cases, to the lower part of the frame. In case the PTO shaft does not have the correct length, the anomalous bending usually borne by the input shaft is absorbed exclusively to the rubber mountings that under this strain deform up to the point they may brake in case of very high stress, but at the same time preserving the integrity of the transmission unit.
The right length of the PTO shaft and so the exact work angle of the driving gearbox is easily given by the alignment of two reference pointers located on the frame and on the transmission unit.
Therefore the TPS allows safe work in every working condition.

Electronic Version

In these versions the required dosage is automatically adjusted according to the forward speed (Forward Speed Calibration) by means of two linear actuators. The system enables the instantaneous variation of the applied dosage, the interruption of spreading on one side, the verification of the worked hectares directly and comfortably from the tractor’s seat.

Eurospand Galileo Brochure

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