eROT 70 Evo Slope Mower

eROT 70 Evo Slope Mower

A Common Philosophy

A compact and powerful ROBOT, fast working, that allows workers to operate in a safer and more comfortable area. A saving of time, labour
and fuel that helps the environment and everyone who works in it.
With these aim and a lot of research and creativity BARBIERI company has built a RANGE of brilliant and safe Radio Controlled Machines
combining robotic technology with high efficiency in a LIGHT and POWERFUL product; machines that require LESS ENERGY for their handling,
doing the same job than a larger and more expensive equipment.
Ecological, economic, efficient, compact and safe.
Constant development, careful and precise TESTS and Barbieri’s great passion for the environment created what is now considered a crucial
solution in the radio controlled machines market: Xrots, Erot and Xflail are the choice of suppliers who always want to improve.
Your need, our SOLUTIONS.


100% ELECTRIC BHV MOD. 83973N 10 kW BATTERY PACK 48 V – 200 A – 10 kW
Electrochemistry: MNC Lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide Module type: Flat or pouch in a rigid alu case
Performance: good specific energy and specific power density
BMS: High quality (made in USA)
√ Designed for high demanding use
√ Electronic Brake
√ Full digital control

Main Features

Full electric remote controlled mower
► Variable blade speed
From 3 to 5 working hours (depending on working conditions)
6 hours recharging time, with a 2 phases STD charger
► Electric motor w/ automatic brakes
► Settable cutting height by remote control (from 30 to 150 mm)
► Both working direction forward and backward
activable by remote control or by app (via WIFI)
► Climbing ability slope 100% (45°- dry conditions),
slope limited only by grip
► Low frame more stability and accessibility
► Very low maintenance joint lubrication only
► Very light weight for light soil impact
► Lifting hooks for transportation
► Hours counter
► Cruise control w/ 5 different speeds
► Shock resistant battery pack case
► Beacon light w/ colours changing in case of danger

Digital Radio Control

Enhanced performance for more safe and friendly drive experience. Display with main infos and diagnostic. 5 step speed reducer, VIBRO-ALERT for dangerous
operation. Integrated buttons for servo drive feature.

Drive System

The drive power has been doubled with the winning eRot drive system: 50% more electric power in the drive system. Enhanced performance of the drive Motors. Drive speed automatically reduced in dangerous situation.

Telemetry & telematics 4.0

The remote control allows the interaction between ‘Servo Drive’ and several operational data in the cloud.
Prompt troubleshooting is assured by diagnostic system and updating software.

Added feature:

Embedded GPS-RTK feature for precise automatic drive. Wifi LAN for connection with other local device.
LTE 4G assures a very fast connection to the web.

Drive Control System:

It will warn the operator about potential dangerous situations and it will regulate automatically the speed at a safety value.

eRot 70 Evo Brochure

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