Energreen RoboMIDI

RoboMIDI is a multifunction robo able to work in the narrowest areas, on slopes up to 55° or where the access is very difficult.
Equipped with a 60 CV Stage V diesel engine and two double effect hydraulic functions it can carry various tools like a cutting head, a forestry head, a stump grinder, a bucket etc.

RoboMIDI, thanks to its power, performances, reliability and robustness, is completely different from other remote-controlled machines.


Safety & Comfort

  • Radio controlled machine
  • Operator in safety zone
  • Emergency button on remote control
  • Excellent handling
  • Easy to use and carry


  • Several available tools
  • Road and river maintenance
  • Green maintenance and forestry work
  • Agriculture and industry service
  • Winter road service

+ Productivity

  • Engine 60 HP Stage V
  • Quick change of equipment
  • Fast execution of work
  • Reduced consumption
  • Maneuverability on any surface

Working On Steep Slopes

  • Excellent grip in all directions up to 55°
  • New track design with large bearing surface
  • Special oil sump
  • Low center of gravity

The Best For Your Safety

Working on steep slopes up to 55°. The new tracks profile allows a larger ground contact surface of the machine; the hydraulic tensioning system make RoboMIDI a safe machine for working on slopes up to 55° in all directions: hill and mountain areas, embankments, cliffs, etc. and in all those environments where the adherence is very low and a machine for high slopes is required.

robomidi - maximum slope - energreen professional machines

Safety and Comfort

RoboMIDI is a remote-controlled tools carrier machine, able to work in complete safety in dangerous areas, with slopes up to 55° in any direction. The exceptional stability of this multifunction robo is given by a low center of gravity, a special oil sump and rubber tracks for an excellent grip.

The safety of operators is one of our targets; the use of the remote control with up to 150 m range avoids several work risks to the operator: noise, vibrations, exposure to exhaust emissions, spray of cut vegetation or debris, etc.

robo - remote control - working range - energreen professional machines

Quality Components = Reliablity and Performance

RoboMIDI is built in an ultra-resistant steel to ensure a long duration; all the components are tested and certified to ensure the maximum reliability and safety.

robomidi - components quality - multifunction robo - energreen professional machines

> Engine tested by the producer with a remarkable reputation for the reliability
> Remote-control technology developed by a team of specialized experts
> Powerful and efficient turbo engine, appropriate for steep slopes
> Engine crankcase designed to ensure the lubrication, even on steep slopes
> Double roll bar integrated into the frame to ensure a total protection of the machine
> Independent cooling system of the hydraulic system to optimize the performances
> Flat bottom frame to protect the parts of the engine
> Fully enclosed body panels keep out grass and debris
> Front lifter with quick attachment mounting system

Born to satisfy the most difficult needs, RoboMIDI can easily be defined a remote-controlled grass cutting machine with power and performances comparable to a classic grass cutting arm for a tractor.
These fundamental characteristics distinguish this machine from any other robot used for grass cutting: power, reliability, strength and high efficiency.

Technical Data & Dimensions

logo robomidi - remote radio-controlled tool carrier - energreen professional machines

robomidi - dimensions - multifunction robo - energreen professional machines

Remote Control


Two large joysticks provide precise control of movement, steering and flailhead height. The simple layout of the controls allows the operator to start working immediately. Speed and steering control can also be adjusted to better satisfy personal needs.

robo - remote control - energreen professional machines

Energreen RoboMIDI

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