Dual 12 Compact

Dual 12 Compact

A single operator can simultaneously fill two rows of paired transplants, patented by Checchi & Magli

The distance between the 2-paired rows is adjustable from a minimum of 25 cm to a maximum of 30 cm. The transplantation units are 125 cm long and weigh only 180 kg; the reduced dimensions allow the machine to work on soft soil, slopes and raised transplantation beds.

The transplantation units stand out for the 12-cup, openable bottom distributor, with continuous rotation and quincunx distribution, thus guaranteeing great productivity and comfort for the operator; it is possible to regulate the falling time of the seedlings into the ploughshare, so that planting remains precise and constant even at high speeds.

The correct planting of the seedlings is guaranteed by rubber soil packing wheels with a large diameter (33 cm), as well as a practical system to regulate the cogwheels.

Estimated production: 4-5000 plants/ hour per operator.

Weights & Dimensions

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