Ferrari Cromo K30 & K40 RS – AR


Ferrari Cromo K30 | K40 RS & AR

Isodiametric tractors, monodirectional, with steering wheels. 26 or 35.6 HP

Cromo K30 | K40 RS are new design tractors produced to satisfy the requirements of hobby-farmers and small farms specialised in growing in greenhouses, nurseries, small rows of vines and poultry holdings.

Compactness, maneuverability and limited weight allow the Cromo K30 | K40 RS to work in complete safety both on flat and uneven, sloping grounds.
The double ellipsoidal lights integrated in the bonnet give the tractor a particularly refined look.
Two Kubota engines are available for the Cromo: a 26 HP three cylinder engine (Cromo K30) and a 35.6 HP four cylinder engine (Cromo K40), both with indirect injection and natural aspiration.


The Cromo are equipped with sturdy last-generation KUBOTA engines.

The Cromo K30 is equipped with a 3-cylinder engine that produces 26HP at 3000 rpm. while the Cromo K40 comes with a 4-cylinder engine that delivers 35HP at 3000 rpm.

Both engines are water-cooled and deliver high power with very high driving torque at low engine speeds. Maximum reliability, total silence and a level of vibration contained make these engines the sturdiest engines of the category.

Transmission and Gearbox

The transmission of Cromo K30 | K40 is fitted with the OS-FRAME chassis. A joint in the middle of the machine lets the front axle oscillate up to 15° with respect to the rear axle, for excellent stability on slopes and maximum traction.
The gearbox with easy gear engagement has 8 forward and 4 reverse speeds, without speed overlapping.
The dry single disc clutch grants gentle and immediate gear connection.
The distribution of the weights on the axles, 40% on the rear and 60% on the front, is proved optimal once the rear lifting equipment is mounted. The rear load optimises the sharing of the weights on the two tractor axles to increase stability and safety.
The permanent 4-wheel drive allows exploiting the machine’s towing feature.

Driving Position

The driving position is custom-fitted on the driver with ergonomic controls placed to be easily found and activated by the operator.
The gear levers are positioned beneath the dashboard for maximum driving position accessibility.
The hydrostatic steering ensures maximum maneuverability and low turning radius.

PTO and Hydraulic System

The rear power take-off is at 540 rpm with mechanically engaged and disengaged. It can be standard or synchronised with the gearbox for operating self-propelled trailers.
As an optional, Cromo K40 RS can be equipped with 540 rpm independent rear PTO, synchronised with the gearbox, multi-disc oil bath clutch and electro-hydraulic control on the dashboard.
The rear hydraulic lift by rams is set up with a cat. 1 three point connection, complete with stabilisers to restrict the equipment spinning laterally. The two lower arms of the lift are fixed and their vertical tie rods can be manually adjusted, like the third point tie rod.
The hydraulic system has a gear hydraulic pump with flow rate of 16.5 l/min and max. pressure of 125 bar supplying the steering system, the rear lift and the remote control valves.


Ferrari Cromo K30 K40 Brochure