Colibri Inter-Row Weeding Machine


Colibri is our inter-row weeding machine with row distances starting from 4.50 cm: it acts 2 cm from the sown row without damaging the root and leaf system, eradicating weeds and the germination of new ones. It is particularly suitable for crops such as carrot, fresh-cut products, valeriana, sown rice, parsley, basil, rocket, spinach, red chard, radish, spinach on a flat soil or on a bed.


  • is a delicate crust breaker with a depth ranging from 2.5-3 cm, because of his active weeding (the discs rotate clockwise at an adjustable speed);
  • does not move the plants carrying  block of soil, it is very precise.
  • works from the early stages of plant growth, 10 days after sowing;
  • suitable for organic cultivation.

Original and unique:

  • precise;
  • Revolutionary and inimitable;
  • Flexible, with multiple configurations;
  • Practical;

Walking speed from 0.8 to 2.5 km / h on carrot and baby leaf;

The machine is made up of a hydraulic shifting frame, with one or more motorized parallelograms containing the appropriate weeding discs configuration: depending on the machine configuration, we can apply the sensors to keep each parallelogram working depth constant and the automatic double camera for controlling the frame shifting.

The parallelogram consists of bundles of toothed steel weeding disks, with the following characteristics:

A) inclined Teeth in the opposite direction to the plant: protect the plant by compressing the soil outwards.

B) Inclined sawtooth teeth, arranged in the spaces not occupied by the seedlings, dig the germination and the weeds away.

Weeding discs work up to 2 cm from the rows at an adjustable depth equal to and no greater than 3 cm, preserving the collar of the plant.

It works on all crops in narrow rows with inter-row distance of the bins (L1) from 4.5 to 35 cm.

Combination of groups of discs developed on the basis of the size of the drawing provided by the customer.

Technical features

Weeding machine Colibri for Carrots  on bed with 3 triple lines from 4.5 cm, 03 double lines or 4 double rows at 7 cm.

Inter row distance in baby leaf 5 – 7 -8.5 -9 cm

Colibri for  baby leaf, fresh cut products starting from 5 cm multiple rows.

Options list


Including third-point coupling, it is equipped with two opposing hydraulic pistons, which move the frame to the right or left, aligning with precision on the inter-rows.

Frame width L in cm: 240  or more

Support Steel wheels with ridge

Adjustable in height. Diameter of wheels from: 400 x 100 thickness


* From a dedicated display, we set the working depth.

*You can work with the rear consolle with all hydraulic controls both for the parallelograms working depth, the shifting steering, and the rotation of the discs.

With a special sensor that reads the ground, placed in front of each parallelogram, we set and control the working depth by the datas given into the display.


A hydraulic motor, applied on each parallelogram, will rotate the buble of the discs.  The speed adjustment takes place through a normal or a proportional valve on the machine, considering the  soil type and the crop. The right ratio favors the grubbing-up of the weeds, avoiding the possible spread of soil on the plants.

* Hydraulic locking of parallelograms during the movements.


A special camera is placed ahead the machine and detect the green colour of the plant and the red colour of the soil.

A special software processes the pre-set colours picking out two different areas that the program uses for maintaining the machine direction thanks to the shifting frame.

The operator by means of a screen placed in the cabin can see a panoramic image of the rows and the direction elaborated by the software at the same time.

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