Caffini GrassKiller




A new approach to under vine weeding, the GrassKiller uses high pressure water blasting rather than chemicals to treat under vine weeds and grass. The Grass Killer uses only water pressure applied via a specially designed under vine module fitted to a trailed tank and high pressure pump. Instead of using chemicals that are harmful to the environment it exploits the action of the jet at over 1000 bar. Thanks to a 1000 bar pump, weeds and grass are destroyed not just above ground, but even underground, mincing the roots.The rotating water jet head is fitted on a breakaway arm with the nozzles fitted vertically to jet blast weeds and grass from under the vine. The nozzle holder rotates at 600rpm via a hydraulic motor drive and when combined with the recommended travel speed of 2.5 kilometres an hour, ensures a uniform coverage of the treatment area.



The GrassKiller is available in a Mono spray head mounted to the trailed tank frame. It is also available with the Spray head mounted to the front 3Pl of the tractor, connected to a trailed tank unit.


The Grasskiller is also available with a Twin head system that mounts to the front 3PL of the tractor, connected to a trailed tank unit.


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