630 WS HD

The 630 WS HD PS BladeRunner are special machines studied for particular jobs and to reduce the operator’s hard work. They are available with 11 hp gasoline engines and 10 hp diesel engines and with the 75 cm single-rotor BladeRunner.

The main features of the machine are the PowerSafe® hydraulic clutch and the brake/steering clutch on the wheels which mean maximum driving comfort and perfect machine control in complete safety even on steep terrains. They can work very easily on slopes up to 70%. The operator can easily control the machine by operating only on the two brakes-control levers on the handlebar. This is the great advantage for the operator.

Even if they work with front attachments only, the 630 WS HD PS can be featured also with other essential attachment for greens maintenance such as lawn mowers, sweeper or blade snow thrower.


The hydraulic clutch in an oil bath PowerSafe®, allows anyone to approach 630 WS HD PS sure that he can always use it safely, with the utmost performance and with the advantage of a cutting-edge technology, already used in the most advanced segment of the automotive.

Four are the principal characteristics of the new clutch:

1. Performance: benefiting from the full capabilities and versatility of the machine without jeopardising its lifespan.

2. Reliability: a hydraulic clutch with no maintenance or adjustment and a practically unlimited duration, even in heavy use with alternating movement tools (cutter bars) or in use at a high inertia level (lawn mower or heavy-duty mower).

3. Security: immediate machine stopping due to an integrated automatic brake. The tool also stops upon release of the handlebar.

4. Comfort: elimination of preliminary stages for engine starting. The engine runs continuously even when the operator releases the handlebar. Controls are ergonomic with a soft, progressive clutch.

Cutting Decks

The heavy duty single-rotor mower BladeRunner with mobile blades has been realized to improve the use of the 630 WS HD on green and rough areas.

The hard steel structure guarantees a long working life of the machine and the 75 cm balanced single-rotor is fixed on strong bearings which support any kind of stress without problems.

The front protection has been designed so that it can get up depending on the flow of the product to be crushed.

The front support wheels, which condition the cutting height, are quickly adjustable and can be retracted on the attachment, inhibiting the operation.

The automatic blade brake and the anti-dragging free wheel make the BladeRunner comply with the most stringent safety standards.